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  • Comprehensive car insurance

  • Earn up to 20% of your base premium off next month's policy

  • Additional on-the-move cover for third-party property liability and personal valuables

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What does +car cover?

bingle go +car is smart insurance that's designed for how you move and rewards you for not using a car.

The product combines comprehensive car insurance (+car cover) along with an extra layer of cover (go cover) for:

  • your liability for third party property damage when commuting using a mobility device
  • your personal belongings when commuting other than in your car.



go cover is additional on-the-move cover that provides:

  • personal valuables cover when commuting other than in your car (like your headphones or laptop)
  • excess cover when in control of a hire car or other car
  • liability cover for third-party property damage when commuting using a mobility device (like a skateboard, bike, e-scooter) or travelling on foot

go cover only applies when commuting or using a hire car or other car in Australia.

+car cover


+car cover is comprehensive car protection that covers loss due to:

  • driving accidents
  • nature
  • theft / malicious damage

What's not covered?

While many incidents and types of loss or damage are covered, there are some that are not. See the PDS for full details of what is and what isn't covered.

Optional Extras

Glass cover

optional extra

This option provides you with cover for when the only loss or damage to your car is to the window or window glass, including the sun roof.

Hire Car @claim

optional extra

If you have a claim, we will arrange a hire car for you to use for as long as it takes us to repair and return your car or settle your claim, whichever happens first.

The most we’ll pay is $90 a day.

Policy Documents

For full details on what is and isn’t covered, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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